We firmly believe in supporting Artists, Instructors, Venues, and Events that wish to incorporate Silent Disco into their offerings. 


Our goal is to enhance their visibility, expand their network, and provide them with the necessary expertise to deliver exceptional experiences.


Through a longterm partnership, we are confident that we can collaborate to create truly unforgettable events.

Short term Collaboration

We are dedicated to supporting Artists, Instructors, Venues, and Events that are interested in incorporating Silent Disco into their event or activity.


We recognize the significance of visibility, branding, reliable suppliers, and expertise in delivering an exceptional Silent Disco experience. 


By collaborating closely with us, we can offer comprehensive assistance in all these areas to guarantee the success of your event.


We believe that Silent Disco is a concept that can be used for endless activities in any location and therefore we want to support entrepreneurs and creatives who want to bring Silent Disco to their region or country.

By establishing these franchises, we aim to create a strong global community and network where we help each other through sharing experiences, marketing material, partnerships and financial goals.

We understand the importance of being locally present to ensure reduced shipping times and cost, but most importantly to ensure the best possible support for the customer.

For now, we were able to establish ourselves in Ghana and Uruguay where Silent Disco is barely used so far.

If you are interested in bringing AURA to your country or region, we encourage you to reach out to us. Let’s start a conversation and explore the possibilities together. 

Send us a message, and we can discuss further over a chat.

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