Headphone benefits:

  • 8hr Battery life
  • 300 – 500m reach
  • connectable through AUX, Bluetooth and RCA cable

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does AURA provide?

AURA is specialized in renting wireless headphone systems that enable people to enjoy music together without disturbing their environment. Only those wearing headphones hear the music being played, making it the perfect choice for venues with noise constraints and allowing to create of a club-like atmosphere anywhere. AURA provides you with wireless headphones and transmitters so that you only need to connect them to your music.

Q: Can you talk at a silent disco?

Extended talks are easy to have at a Silent Disco Party. Keep the headphones around your neck instead of removing them if you don't want to miss your favorite song during the talk. You can still hear the music from the headphones if you increase the volume.

Q: Does everyone listen to the same music?

Depending on the Package size, you will receive one, two, or three transmitters. Each transmitter provides you with one music channel. Therefore you can decide if everyone listens to the same music or has the option to choose. The headphone color shows different channels.

Q: How long does the headphone battery last?

AURA headphones batteries are 8 -10 hours long on a single charge. You will receive them fully charged. AURA will provide you with a fast charging station for a longer booking.

Q: How many headphones can I connect at once?

As long as you are within the range of the transmitter, you can connect an unlimited number of headphones without any loss of signal or sound delay.

Q: What is the range of the wireless headphones?

Your music can be broadcasted with the wireless transmitter up to 300m and with the wired transmitter up to 500m.

Q: Can I host my own party? Does AURA rent equipment and staff?

YES! AURA rents silent disco equipment and provides all-rounded event services for a small event in a backyard or a large festival. With our partners around the world, we can ship headphones almost anywhere. To learn more and get a quote, visit https://aurasilentdisco.com/event-ideas/

Q: Does AURA offer group discounts?

Please email info@aura-bcn.com and tell us more about your event and how many will attend. We also offer a promoter program where you get a kickback on tickets sold to your guests.

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