With our Headphone System, you can create a totally immersive fitness class. Play music from your phone while using the wireless microphone to provide instructions to your group. A excellent technique for keeping noise down in a shared gym or outdoor space while allowing your group to walk about freely without being hampered by cables.

    You want your family and friends to be able to enjoy the music on your special day? Silent Disco is the answer whether you’ve been fantasizing about your future disco-themed wedding for years or you need a solution that caters to everyone’s musical tastes.

      One of our most popular silent disco party usage is for birthday parties Everyone loves to dance, from five to one hundred years old! You can have three separate music selections playing at the same time with silent disco. Since it provides a variety of party music options., there is always something for everyone

      Are you looking for a unique way to spice up your next corporate event? For corporate parties and business gatherings, a party with our silent party equipment is always a hit. Hundreds of guests of various tastes can experiment with the sound system, which features three different dancing alternatives.

        Learn and accept each other as real people! Music is the universal language that help us to bond with each other like nothing else. It’s so vital for employees to have a space (outside of work) where they can be seen in a different light.

          A beach clean up or plogging sessions (combination of jogging with picking up litter) is a great way of doing something good for our city and the environment, while enjoying music together. Together with ClicRecycling we organize such clean ups for companies and volunteers. Contact us for more information.

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